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There are only a few artists I totally fanboy out for, and Marc With a C is one of them.

He recently solicited suggestions for a new “Meet Marc” song compilation and I threw together a playlist and decided what my top tracks would be…

1. Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’

I love to play this one for the opening line:

“When it all gets too much that’s when I need a reminder that it’s all a test
(if it’s all a test).”

… and all the other tinfoil-hat skeptic lyrics which follow.

No, I don’t know what the fadeout “Derek Jeter, Pumpkin Eater” refrain is about either.

2. No London in Brazil

I must have listened to this a thousand times with absolutely no idea what it was about. The lyrics are just fantastic strings of words that please my ears.

“What have I become, now I’m feeding her chicken”

(Why does she have a chicken??)

“She laughed before the jokes were even written.”

“She don’t like coffee, she chugs the cream.”

Marc explained the backstory on my personalised Marc with a C CD and it finally all started to make some kind of sense.

3. Why Don’t Girls Like Me?

The perfect semi-serious desperate song of loneliness.

“Someone asked me what kind of girl I might seek, I said I’d settle for one who likes me – and she says ‘I guess I’m not your type'”

“Did you notice that I just changed keys? Well girls don’t care about things like these… But if you did, can I take you home for something to eat?”

4. Retrolowfi

Just a fantastic feel-good uplifting track. Great driving guitar rhythm and chorus backing harmonies.

This song is probably at least partly to blame for my collection of Marc With a C vinyl which continues to grow in spite of owning no turntable.

“I like music on records the best, yeah once you get that fever it’s a never-ending quest.”

“I like music on vinyl the most, let’s go retro lowfi from coast to coast”

“You say you don’t have a record player? That’s no excuse.
Marc with a C just happens to know where you can buy one of those used pretty cheaply too”

I should really ask him.

5. I’m in Love With Everyone I know

I am pretty much in favour of any song which expresses unconditional love for the whole world (with the possible exception of Glee and Christian Slater.)

“I know I’m in love with everyone I know, and I can see the good in everyone I’ve ever met.”

“And the quiz said I’ve got me a wicked thing for Christian Slater.”

6. Marc Hates This B-Side (Fanboy)

One of a few Marc With a C songs which break the fourth wall.

Not sure why this one resonates with me so much. I think it’s the chirpy “I love you but you’re nuts” chorus that does it.

Actually I do know. It’s this line (and the way it’s delivered):

“No fanboy, you can’t have my B-Sides. No offense – I don’t really have any B-Sides…”

“I’m just kidding – I really like you.”

7. Bounce Bounce Bounce

This song was more fun before I paid attention to the final verse and realised who it was actually about and why they behave the way they do.

But it’s still a great track which lives up to its name.

“She wants to bounce, bounce, bounce / bounce, bounce, bounce”

“Just like Tigger, just like Mickey Mouse”

“If she’s happy and she knows it, she’ll always clap her hands”

8. Anything But Plain

Love is about the magical day-to-day intimacies.

“Boys you always take for granted what your girls do every day: When they change their clothes, when they put on pantyhose, when they ask your opinion on the outfit that they chose.”

9. Happy to Be Alive

Again: I’m a sucker for feel-good life-affirming tracks. Drawing on the small day-to-day things to be grateful for.

Plus, this one features a puppy. And a tambourine.

“They get their landscaping done at least twice a week. I don’t care if all of our weeds are getting high – right now I’m just happy to be alive”

“I’m 29 and none of my hair is falling out.”

10. Life’s So Hard

Any time I start to feel sorry for myself I sing this track at myself.

“I’m so sad. I’m 15. Life’s so hard. Life’s so hard… for me.”

11. Classic Country Wasn’t Multitracked in ’61

For the hand-claps and music geekery.

“When you say Black Sabbath was better with Ronnie James Dio / I have got to ask: Are you for real?”

“X amount of flour doesn’t make a cake.”

12. Holly Vincent

One of the Marc With a C tracks that first stuck in my head for weeks.

“‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ goes weekend radio”

“I listen to the radio through an amp, it’s a cover song by Transvision Vamp”

I still don’t know who Holly Vincent is. It doesn’t seem to affect my enjoyment of this song.

13. Goodnight, Miss Oliver

This one grew on me slowly – a cute 6/8 ballad complete with “bom bom bom” doo-wop chorus vox and last verse keyshift.

“But tonight… Tonight… We’ve got instant messenger.”

“But anybody who looks like you could never be alone for long.”

So there are my top picks for getting to know Marc With a C. If you couldn’t find a track above that made you smile or brought joy to your day, then honestly I’m not sure your emotions are working.

P.S. Did you know he has a new collaborative project, Claire and The Potatoes?